Leezen's Longan Honey imparts a divine floral flavor, while leaving room for your favorite tea to shine. Leezen's low-heat extraction method ensures the flavors and quality of their longan honey.

Yuan-Ho Black Bean Sauce


Yuan-Ho Premium Soy Paste

Yuan-Ho Premium Soy Sauce

Organic Plum Concentrate

Plum Vinegar

Camellia Oil

Dried Burdock Slices

Organic Green Tea

Organic Chinese Herb Tea

Organic Barley Tea

Pu-Erh Tea

Organic Honey-Scented Black Tea

Hawthord + Prune

Organic Goji Berry Wheat Powder

Lotus Root Powder

Ginger Sesame Oil

Plum Flavored Chili Turnip

Toona Sauce

Sesame Paste

Pure Black Sesame Paste

Vegetarian Sesame Oil + Angelica Sauce

Sesame Oil Chili Radish

Stir-Fry Chili Sauce

Hot Bamboo Shoots

Gluten Puffs with Chidk Peas